Step 1 – Getting an Accurate Moving Quote

Getting in touch with moving companies is the first step in the process.

Be prepared before you call with the proper information:

  • Intended move date or dates
  • Your current address
  • Your new address
  • Do you require proof of insurance for the move? (Common for condo and apartment buildings)
  • Will you require packing services or supplies?
  • Bedroom and bathroom count
  • Any special accommodations to account for? (Large furniture pieces, pianos, pool tables, artwork, sculptures, etc.)
  • Are there stairs or elevators?

Moving can be a big hit on your budget. When moving with Bald Eagle Moving you get all the help you need, from fair prices without hidden expenses to a free moving estimate. That way you can predict your costs and adjust your budget accordingly.

Step 2 – Preparing for your Move with a Professional Moving Team

If you’re planning to have the professional moving team pack your items, it’s best to have things somewhat organized and clean prior to their arrival. Separate any items like medication, pet food, toiletries, or personal effects so they are not packed up with the other household items. This will make your arrival less stressful.

If you’re not planning to utilize packing services, be prepared by having all of your items boxed up and ready to go. The movers move surprisingly quick! They are professional and work effectively and efficiently to load the truck safely. Having your boxes clearly labeled will assist the moving team when unloading the truck. Use terms like ‘Guest Bathroom’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Garage’, and ‘Master Bedroom’. Make sure to tape the bottom of the box – don’t fold it inward on itself. This could cause the bottom to fall out during the move. On the literal flip-side, be sure to also tape your boxes closed. This allows the boxes to be safely stacked in the truck efficiently.

Step 3 – It’s here! The Move Day

On the day of the move, the team will arrive to your home in our truck (or trucks!). Be sure to anticipate room for the truck to park safely near your residence. If you are in a building, this will be need to be arranged with management prior to move day.

The team will walk through the home to review with you what items will or won’t be put on the truck. Then they get to work while you keep safely out of the way. When the truck is full, or the items are all taken from your home they will begin the drive to your new location whether that be local or long distance.

Be prepared to have someone meet the truck if you are not following along with it. Again, the moving team will walk through the home to review where various belongings, furniture and boxes will go. They will also be assessing any pain points like hallways, staircases with turns, tight entryways and more.

During the offload process the movers will place your boxes into the rooms you’ve designated. Larger items that have been wrapped up like beds, bookcases, or bedroom sets will be unwrapped and assembled where you’d prefer.

Step 4 – After your Move

The moving team will collect their tools and supplies, including blankets, dollies, and any additional moving equipment used in the process. The team will dispose of any trash created from the move as they leave.

Give is a call and through our cooperation, we provide you with the best movers Florida offers. We are proud of our outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Bald Eagle Moving will take care of every customer during the moving process, so everyone can feel respected and satisfied.

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