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Long-Distance Moves

Hire professionals to deal with the physical labor and stress of moving your home.

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Moving long distances requires a lot more experience, quality moving trucks and much more. You want to be sure that your belongings will be safe even when on the road for a long time. So, it’s important to hire only the best long distance moving company in Florida. And we are proud to say that you can count on us for even the longest relocations. We are FMCSA and DOT approved to perform out of state moving. And you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or expenses.

Moving long distance can be just as simple as moving next door.

Bald Eagle Moving is here to let you know that moving to a faraway town or city can be just as easy and simple as moving to the apartment next door. All you need are the best long distance movers. Leave all the planning and logistics of your relocation to us! Throughout our years of experience and dealing with an endless number of moving issues, we’ve learned to tackle every single challenge out there.

This means you can be sure that your relocation is going to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience, whether you are relocating your household or offices. The distance of your move presents no obstacle to our experienced moving crew. We’ll do our absolute best to make you feel confident about the positive outcome of your long distance relocation.

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Why choose the Interstate Movers at Bald Eagle Moving?

We are locally owned and operated in Jupiter, Florida. This means that you will get to really meet the people you will be working with, and see for yourself that we are trustworthy, honest and caring. When you give us a call, you will be speaking with the owners themselves. This creates a special bond of trust and respect that has, amongst other things, made us into the reputable and respectable company that we are proud to be. With competitive pricing, we ensure that every one of our customers can find a suitable answer to their specific situation, well-fitting to their financial possibilities. We are open 7 days a week, making sure you can contact us whenever the need for professional assistance arises.

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  • We are FMCSA and DOT approved to perform out of state moving.

  • 100% of our out of state moves receive flat rate/bound pricing without hidden fees.

  • Bald Eagle Moving handles 100% of your move from start to finish.

  • No brokers, temp labor or middlemen
  • One customer per moving truck, so your items don’t get lost.

  • Guaranteed loading/unloading dates & times. Don’t spend weeks in a hotel or sleeping on an air mattress waiting for your items to arrive.

  • Our 26′ moving trucks fit in residential neighborhoods eliminating hidden fees semi lines charge due to size restraints.


Every relocation bears its hardships, regardless of the distance that needs to be traveled. However, the actual distance does matter, and the longer it is the more one needs to be prepared. Uncertainties await at every step, and maximum safety is of high priority. While it is possible to handle a local move on your own, out of state move is nearly impossible to execute without professional assistance. This is where Bald Eagle Moving Jupiter FL with our team of interstate movers step into the picture. We will make sure your out of state move seems like a walk in the park.

Why put your trust in Bald Eagle Moving?

We make sure to carry only the best insurances to protect our clients. We know the value of a content customer and work very hard to ensure it. This means being super considerate about the safety of your belongings, which always comes first. Every one of the moves we handle comes with an electronically signed agreement. This will give you peace of mind knowing that we will arrive promptly upon your moving day, ready to tackle every task.

Who stands behind Bald Eagle Moving?

Before choosing the a mover to manage your move, there are things to know about our company. Bald Eagle Moving is the name that stands for a family-owned and operated company. We have been working hard for years, doing our best to satisfy the moving needs of our customers. This has enabled our team of long distance movers to become one of the highest-rated teams in the area.

Outstanding Customer Support and Quality Service

We are proud of our outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Bald Eagle Moving Jupiter FL will take care of every customer during the moving process, so everyone can feel respected and satisfied.


Satisfied Moves

Customer satisfaction if our first priority on every job.


Satisfaction Matters

We are proud to say we have 5 of 5 star reviews on Facebook and Google.


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We offer moving services 7 days a week and can deliver at any hour.

“WOW!! I was so impressed by Peter and the Bald Eagle Moving Crew. They were very professional, friendly, well organized, hard working and very strong. They put my mind at ease with in the first 30 minutes of meeting them and watching them work. They also made the move an enjoyable experience versus a stressful one. I look forward to hiring them again.”

Let us handle the hard part.


Let us handle the hard part!